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Shelley Mansel, a native of British Columbia, studied at Fraser Valley College and the Nova Scotia College of Art and Design in Halifax where she now resides as a full-time artist.

Mansel's landscapes are developed from a mosaic of both actual imaginary images yet are distinctly reminiscent of particular place for each person who views them. Memory of place is what gives the paintings familiarity - the specificity of place is inconsequential.

Shelley often use a subdued palette which evokes an aged quality; a sense of modd and drama. Her use of a saturated palette produces studies of colour, pattern, and light within the floral and landscape subjects.


Shelley Mansel - 2017 - New works
Shelley Mansel - 2014 - New works
Shelley Mansel - 2013 - New works
Shelley Mansel - 2012 - New works
Shelley Mansel - 2011 - New works
Shelley Mansel - 2009 - Armature
Shelley Mansel - 2008 - Small works
Shelley Mansel - 2007 - Divining II
Shelley Mansel - 2006 - Botanicals
Shelley Mansel - 2005 - Ideas of order
Shelley Mansel - 2004 - Landscapes

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