E.B. COX, R.C.A.
(1914 - 2003)








Pan-Cultural Creator
E.B. Cox puts the finishing touches on Pan - god of the wild and flautist extraordinaire - in the 1960s. A colleague of the Group of Seven and a precocious sculptor, Cox pioneered the use of power tools for carving stone and crafted a bridge between native and modern art.

The Sculptor and the Flautist
A Smiling E.B. Cox enjoys the company of his creation, Pan.

Family Fun
E.B. Cox and two of his grandchildren ride the Centaur, in a photo taken by daughter Kathy Sutton at the Garden of the Greek Gods in 1980. The sculptor wanted his art available to the public "especially children," Sutton said.

An 11-foot Hercules - a divine hero and son of Zeus - oversees his would-be groupies at Muzik Nightclub.

Sick Beats
Orpheus, a mythic musician and epic charmer, declines to strum his lute despite the phat beats pumping out of Muzik most evenings.

Cooped Sphinx
Despite boasting wings and legs of a lion, the Sphinx remains caged during patio construction at Muzik nightclub in 2014.

Sphinx on the Beach
The Sphinx warily eyes a beach ball passed his way in 2014. He did not pass it back.

Beauty, Charm, Joy
Daughter of Zeus, the Three Graces embody beauty, charm and mirth - and might well feel at home at Muzik, depending on the night.

Trumpeting the Muzik
Triton, messenger of the vast seas, blows on his conch in the wake of a wading pool installation at Muzik nightclub.

Public Playground
Adrien Suarez, 4, runs amongst the gods at Exhibition Place in 2000, before Muzik nightclub fenced off the gods from children.


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