Welcoming and devoted to the love of art, Ingram Gallery offers an arena for artists, art appreciators, and the curious to share in the expression of human experience in ways that society does not address. Founded by John Ingram in 1988, Ingram Gallery specializes in contemporary and historical art making in Canada. Under the stewardship of Director Tarah Aylward, partner Jeff Duns and Gary Leggett, Ingram Gallery is a unique gem in the heart of Yorkville's gallery district.

Ingram Gallery is situated in a historic brownstone at 24 Hazelton Avenue with 5000 square feet of artful space on Canada's internationally recognized gallery row. The first and second floor galleries present the work and exhibitions of leading contemporary artists in Canada as well as those of historical significance. Alongside these events, the gallery walls offer a dynamic and continuous curation that reflects the ever-changing development of artistic creation.

The Collectors' Den on the second floor offers a contrastingly quieter space for more intimate contemplation and the absorption of significant pieces of historical Canadian art. This cultivated room is replete with a changing body of important works from our past and is rich with literature on all things art.

The Book Shop on the lower level of Ingram Gallery features a library of new, rare, out of print and limited edition art publications. Leisurely reading and thought-provoking discovery are characteristic of visits to this extensive collection of titles on a wide array of art-related topics.

Ingram Gallery is an active participant in its neighbourhood of Yorkville as well as the larger Canadian art world. Throughout the year, the gallery is host to a myriad of guided tours, lectures, socials, and receptions.

At the core of Toronto's Yorkville, Ingram Gallery offers a space for artists, art collectors, and all to take part in the open discussion of the inventiveness and distinction of art making.

Welcome to the gallery.



Artist: Sean Yelland Artist: Andrew Bell Artist: Alain Bonder Artist: Jane Everett Artist: Ryan Dineen Artist: Steven Volpe Artist: Travis Shilling Artist: Florence Vale (1909-2003) Artist: Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017) Artist: Daniel Hughes Artist: Harold Town, R.C.A. (1924-1990) Artist: Rachel Berman (1946-2014) Artist: Jessica Levman Artist: David Michael Scott Artist: Ryan Price Artist: Barry Hodgson Artist: Toni Hamel Artist: Barker Fairley, R.C.A.


24 Hazelton Avenue Toronto Canada T.416.929.2220