Algorithms don’t feel, data doesn't will:
Why AI won’t replace artists

with author George Daicopoulos

Saturday, July 15 . 2023

Illustrations by Jesse Lown

In 2017, Ingram Gallery hosted a lively discussion with author George Daicopoulos and illustrator Jesse Lown on what it means to be an artist in the digital age. Among other things, they talked about how technological progress – like the internet and social media – was driving down the value of art and leading people to expect their creative content for free.

Fast forward a few years and advances in technology – in the form of AI-generated art – are once again shaping conversations around art and creativity.

What does AI art mean for artists? Will it unleash the artistic imagination or diminish it? Who stands to gain and who stands to lose?

Join us on Saturday, July 15 at 2pm as we discuss this timely topic, with Ingram’s Gary Leggett hosting a Q&A with George Daicopoulos.

The world isn’t going away, and we need artists of all stripes to make it whole and comprehensible to us. Artists do this every day, quietly, away from the limelight, using all the imaginative tools at their disposal to tell us who we are and where we’ve been. And through the hard grind of calling something into existence and creating out of nothing, they give us a glimpse of who we might become.

— Buy an Artist a Drink

George Daicopoulos

George Daicopoulos is a Toronto-based writer and author. He has written two books exploring what it means to be an artist in the digital age, Buy an Artist a Drink and Buy an Artist Another Round. He is both fascinated and terrified by the rise of AI art.



"I don't believe in art.
I believe in artists."

- Marcel Duchamp



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