Gathering Clouds
September 8 - 29 . 2012
Caven Atkins - After a night of chess at Brandtners'

After a night of chess at Brandtners' (1933) 16.75 x 13 charcoal on paper


Caven Atkins - 3 Willows #2

3 Willows #2 (1935) 16.25 x 25.75 tempera on card



Caven Atkins - Hogs Hollow York Mills

Hogs Hollow York Mills (1937) 13.125 x 13.5 watercolour on paper



New Housing Development Along the Assiniboine River 19 x 16.5 oil on board



Caven Atkins - York Mills, Toronto (1935)

York Mills, Toronto (1935) 10.5 x 15 ink on paper



Caven Atkins - Windy Day, King County

Windy Day, King County (1937) 22 x 28.25 watercolour on paper




[Caven Atkins'] beginnings were shaped by Lionel Lemoine FitzGerald and Fritz Brandtner in Winnipeg, by his industry and determination; later, in the company of friends like Charles Comfort, Carl Schaefer, Paraskava Clark, Peter and Bobs Cogill Haworth, Pegi Nicol MacLeod, and Charles Goldhamer, Atkins created a body of work which vividly represents his time. Not satisfied with a set formula for making pictures, he strove to reveal the fundamental structure, the essential rhythms in nature. To accomplish this end, he constantly experimented; Charles Sheeler, Lyonel Feininger, Paul Cézanne, Marsden Hartley, Albert Pinkham Ryder and John Marin were sources of inspiration. But, finally, it was the landscape of Canada itself - the winding Beausejour River, the lakes and woodlands of Flin Flon; the bluffs at Scarborough, the rolling countryside of Baie St. Paul, and Grafton - that fired his mind and shaped his art.

- Ted Fraser, Curator (Art Gallery of Windsor)




Caven Atkins - Between Baie St. Paul and Murray Bay (1937)

Between Baie St. Paul and Murray Bay (1937) 15.5 x 22 watercolour on paper



Caven Atkins - Untitled (landscape)

Untitled (landscape) 11 x 13 oil on masonite



Caven Atkins - From My Studio on 16 Howland, Toronto

From My Studio on 16 Howland, Toronto (1934) 15 x 14 watercolour & graphite



Landscape with Farms (1937) 15 x 21.5 watercolour on paper



Caven Atkins - Winnipeg Canoe Club (1932)

Canoe Club (1932) 8.5 x 11.5 ink & graphite on paper



Caven Atkins - Still Life (1925)

Still Life (1925) 5.5 x 7.5 watercolour on paper


Caven Atkins


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