New works 2018


Artist: Steven Volpe Painting: Street Performer

Street Performer (2017) 48 x 36 oil on canvas



Long before I know how the story will unfold, the spark of an idea presents itself in the form of a face, an expression, or a gesture. The gesture, almost always candidly captured, is prominent in most of my work. Since body language is held in a tenuous relationship with any kind of objective truth, context is indeed everything. I use this to my advantage to highlight tension through visual irony—all in the service of provoking thought.
- Steven Volpe



Artist: Steven Volpe Painting: Vigil

Vigil (2017) 40 x 32 oil on canvas



Artist: Steven Volpe Painting: Nursery Rhyme

Nursery Rhyme (2017) 45 x 36 oil on canvas


Steven Volpe - 2018 - New works


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