Artist: Sean Yelland Artist: Andrew Bell Artist: Alain Bonder Artist: Jane Everett Artist: Ryan Dineen Artist: Steven Volpe Artist: Travis Shilling Artist: Florence Vale (1909-2003) Artist: Brian Burke, R.C.A. (1952-2017) Artist: Daniel Hughes Artist: Harold Town, R.C.A. (1924-1990) Artist: Rachel Berman (1946-2014) Artist: Jessica Levman Artist: David Michael Scott Artist: Ryan Price Artist: Barry Hodgson Artist: Toni Hamel Artist: Barker Fairley, R.C.A.




Founded by John Ingram in 1988, Ingram Gallery is a refreshing alternative to the unapproachable spaces we often associate with contemporary art galleries. Ingram Gallery manifests a novel approach to art and the gallery experience that is dynamic, welcoming and above all else dedicated to the love of art. Under the stewardship of Director Tarah Aylward and partner Jeff Duns, Ingram Gallery is a unique gem in the heart of Yorkville's gallery district.

Ingram Gallery's April 2015 expansion and re-location to 24 Hazelton Avenue, a four-story, nearly 5000 square foot building on Canada's ‘gallery row’, means even more art for all to enjoy. The first and second floor exhibition spaces house some of the best in contemporary Canadian art. Comprising largely of figurative works, urbanscapes, and variations on abstraction, these sections of the gallery regularly feature works by established and acclaimed artists as well as rising stars in the Canadian art scene. It's a rare week to see the same pieces on the same walls at Ingram Gallery. Indeed, curation is a fluid and ongoing process at the gallery and this continual reinvention makes every visit fresh.

The second floor ‘Collectors' Den’, by contrast, is a place for retrospection. With a purposefully shaped hands-on and intimate environment, this uniquely beautiful room hosts works of historical interest as well as those that reflect traditions in Canadian painting. As a complement to these original masterpieces, Ingram Gallery also features a library and a bookshop replete with new and rare art publications. Visitors are welcome to peruse at their leisure and the gallery's staff is more than willing to assist - whether you're looking to buy or to learn.

The stacked canvases that at times line the gallery's floor are yet another indication of Ingram Gallery's openness as a space for art. The machinations of curation are demystified; literally laid out for all to see and in many cases, to touch. In these ways, and so many others, Ingram Gallery is dedicated to subverting the elitism that has come to shroud the experience of art in a gallery setting.

Ingram Gallery is a vibrant participant in the Yorkville, Toronto, and Canadian art scene - regularly hosting guided tours, lectures and opening receptions that read as veritable Happenings.

A space for art, artists and the interested, Ingram Gallery in Yorkville is a must for anyone who likes their art served without a side of pretension.




24 Hazelton Avenue Toronto Canada T.416.929.2220