(1887 - 1986)


Artist: Barker Fairley Painting: Coryell’s Pasture

Coryell’s Pasture, 1939 11.5 x 14 oil on panel



Artist: Barker Fairley Painting: Near King

Near King, 1939 11.5 x 14 oil on panel



Artist: Barker Fairley Painting: PEC Loneley Road

PEC Lonely Road, 1975 16 x 20 oil on masonite



Barker Fairley’s paintings are some of the most consummate and striking works from our shared art history.

Fairley’s enchantment with the landscape is palpable as the artist's worldly attention is repeatedly drawn to modern visions of rural Ontario, particularly in the areas surrounding Toronto and Prince Edward County. 

As he condenses his subjects to their fundamental form, Fairley’s line work and spellbinding palette serve as inimitable signatures that carry the eye.

Fairley was a distinguished scholar of languages and a leading authority on the literature of Johann Wolfgang von Goethe.  Born in Yorkshire, England, Fairley completed his PhD at Jena University in Germany before moving to Canada, where he would ultimately act as a key proponent toward the understanding of works made by the Group of Seven and would lead the German department at the University of Toronto, where he would teach at University College until his retirement in 1957.

The artist's paintings appeared widely in solo exhibition, including those at the Picture Loan Society, Arts and Letters Club, the University of Toronto, and the Agnes Etherington Gallery.  He was the recipient of a large number of awards with highlights including the Order of Canada, a Fellowship at the Royal Society of Canadian Artists, and honourary doctorates from numerous universities in Canada and England.  His works are found in significant collections including those of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Carleton University, and the University of Toronto’s Hart House, University College, and Faculty of Music.

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Artist: Barker Fairley Painting: Unititled - Two Barns

Unititled - Two Barns, 1978 16 x 20 oil on masonite



Artist: Barker Fairley Painting: Unititled - Two Trees

Unititled - Two Trees, 1978 16 x 20 oil on masonite


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