Pigs Can't Fly

October 14 - 19 . 2023

Book Launch, Exhibition & Reception:
Saturday, October 14 | 1pm – 3pm



Mice Don't Juggle (2022) 17.5 x 13 watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache



Penguins Can't Ride Bikes (2022) 15.5 x 12.25 watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache



"I’ve heard it said that pigs can’t fly,
They never leave the ground.
But I have gazed up at the sky
And watched the flying pigs go by.
They never made a sound."



Fish Never Sing (2022) 15 x 13.5 watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache



Worms Don't Dance (2022) 17 x 14 watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache



In collaboration with Scholastic Canada



  About the book:

Here, flying pigs, a bagpipe-playing frog, a juggling mouse, a penguin on a bike and more join together in a whimsical collection of rhymes and exquisite art that will open minds and tickle the reader’s imagination.

Brimming with humour and joy, Pigs Can't Fly is a gift of a book from a brilliant mind, and an open-ended invitation to make the impossible possible!


Love Will See You Through (2022) 18 x 14 watercolour, coloured pencil, gouache

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