Wallace Edwards The Cat's Pajamas

From the acclaimed Wallace Edwards comes his second collection of idioms, a companion to the award-winning Monkey Business.

The Cat's Pajamas depicts 26 idioms, bringing new meaning to familiar sayings and tickling your funny bone with a surreal illustration on each page. To ensure you get the hang of it, each expression is used in a sentence and explained at the back of the book. And if you look closely you'll discover a cat hidden in every painting; some cats are a piece of cake to find, others may require you to use your noodle.

A gorgeously illustrated eye-spy book and a unique introduction to idioms, this book is truly the cat's meow.

All works watercolor, colored pencil, and gouache.


Wallace Edwards The Cat's Pajamas


Wallace Edwards Ears Ringing

Ears ringing (2010) 20 x 18.5

Wallace Edwards Using his noodle

Using his noodle (2010) 22.5 x 19.75


Wallace Edwards A lot to draw on

A lot to draw on (2010) 22.5 x 19.5

Wallace Edwards Frog in his throat

Frog in his throat (2010) 22.5 x 19.5


Wallace Edwards A Piece of Cake

A piece of cake (2010) 29 x 19.25


Wallace Edwards In a pinch

In a pinch (2010) 23 x 20


Wallace Edwards Getting his feet wet

Getting his feet wet (2010) 23 x 18


Wallace Edwards Bee in her Bonnet

Bee in her bonnet (2010) 22 x 19.5


Wallace Edwards Coming or going

Coming or going (2010) 25.75 x 20

Wallace Edwards More fun than a barrel of monkeys

More fun than a barrel of monkeys (2010) 20 x 17


Wallace Edwards Home sweet home

Home sweet home (2010) 22 x 17.5


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